Here are my comic/webcomic illustrations.



I worked with a small team of artists to help shade, texturize, and finalize this comic for an Upwork client. The line art was completed already when I started working on this project. I cannot reveal most of the content, so here are only a couple pages I'm allowed to showcase.

This is a bit of what the process looks like.

My client would circle certain areas to make revisions.


Relatable Rooms

Webcomic Cover.jpg

A comedic slice-of-life webcomic. Can be read on LINE Webtoon or Tapas.



I created a short story for a LINE Webtoon contest, but I also submitted it to an Upwork client who is currently creating a webcomic-reading site/app for language learners. The website is a really cool project and still in the works, so I am not allowed to publicize it, but here some panels in no particular order. I will eventually post the comic to my own platform.


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